Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering

Gregory S. Chirikjian

Mechanical Engineering
Secondary Appointment: Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Statistics (lab)

Hackerman 116 (office)
410-516-7127 (office) (primary)

Staff Contact:
Elisa Ahmanson
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Ph.D. 1992, California Institute of Technology
B.A. 1988, The Johns Hopkins University
B.S. 1988, The Johns Hopkins University
M.S.E. 1988, The Johns Hopkins University


2001: Professor, Mechanical Engineering (with secondary appointments in CS, Applied Math + Statistics)
2004-2007: Department Chair- an experience that I encourage all of my senior colleagues to try. I look forward to my next three-year rotation in approximtely 20 years from now.
1997-2001: Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University
1992-1997: Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University
1992-0: Joint Appointment, Department of Computer Science, The Johns Hopkins University
1991-0: Teleoperator Performance Test Engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
1988-0: Intern, United States House of Representatives

Research Areas

Self-replicating robotic systems
developed theory for 'hyper- redundant' (snakelike) robot motion planning
designs and builds hyper-redundant robotic manipulator arms
Conformational Statistics of Biological Macromolecules
Computational Structural Biology (in particular, computational mechanics of large proteins)
Applied Mathematics (Applications of Group Theory in Engineering)

Journal Articles

Wolfe, K.C., Chirikjian, G.S. (2012). Quantitative Comparison of Conformational Ensembles. Entropy. 14(2). 213-232.
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Wolfe, K.C., Hastings, W.A., Dutta, S., Long, A., Shapiro, B.A., Woolf, T.B., Guthold, M., Chirikjian, G.S. (2012). Multiscale Modeling of Double-Helical DNA and RNA: A Unification through Lie Groups. Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 116(29). 8556-8572.
DOI » View record in Web of Science SM
Chirikjian, G.S., Yan, Y. (2012). Mathematical aspects of molecular replacement. II. Geometry of motion spaces. Acta Crystallographica Section A. 68. 208-221.
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Ackerman, M.K., Chirikjian, G.S., Ieee, . (2012). Hex-DMR: A Modular Robotic Test-bed for Demonstrating Team Repair. 2012 Ieee International Conference on Robotics and Automation (Icra). 4148-4153.
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Park, W., Midgett, C.R., Madden, D.R., Chirikjian, G.S. (2011). A Stochastic Kinematic Model of Class Averaging in Single-Particle Electron Microscopy.. Int J Rob Res. 30(6). 730-754.

Conference Proceedings

Long, A.W. "The Banana Distribution is Gaussian: A Localization Study with Exponential Coordinates", Robotics: Science and Systems, 2012.
Lee, K., Chirikjian, G. "An Autonomous Robot that Duplicates Itself from Low-complexity Components", 2010 Ieee International Conference on Robotics and Automation (Icra), 2010, pp.2771-2776.
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Kutzer, M., Moses, M., Brown, C., Scheidt, D., Chirikjian, G., Armand, M. "Design of a New Independently-Mobile Reconfigurable Modular Robot", 2010 Ieee International Conference on Robotics and Automation (Icra), 2010, pp.2758-2764.
 View record in Web of Science SM
Park, W., Reed, K., Okamura, A., Chirikjian, G. "Estimation of Model Parameters for Steerable Needles", 2010 Ieee International Conference on Robotics and Automation (Icra), 2010, pp.3703-3708.
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Chirikjian, G. "Information Theory on Lie Groups and Mobile Robotics Applications", 2010 Ieee International Conference on Robotics and Automation (Icra), 2010, pp.2751-2757.
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Awards & Honors

2010: IEEE Fellow
2008: ASME Fellow
2008 - 2009: IEEE Senior Member
2000 - 2000: ASME Design Engineering Division Certificate of Appreciation
1994 - 1998: Presidential Faculty Fellow
1993 - 1994: NSF Young Investigator Award
1993: NASA Certificate of Recognition
1993: Outstanding Paper Award IEEE Robotics and Automation Conference
1990 - 1992: NASA Fellow
1990 - 1990: Best Student Paper Award, Proceedings 2nd International Workshop on Advances in Kinematics
1988 - 1989: General Electric Fellow


``Stochastic Models in Robotics" State Engineering University of Armenia (internet lecture), December 10, 2012
``Mathematical Aspects of Molecular Replacement" Zing Conference on Mathematical and Computational Medicine, Cancun Mexico, December 2, 2012
``Stochastic Models in Robotics and Biology" University of Florida, Mechanical Engineering, Oct 2, 2012 Dept Seminar, October 2, 2012
``Stochastic Models and Lie Groups: Applications in Structural Biology" University at Buff alo, Physics Dept. Colloquium, September 28, 2012
``From Snakelike Robots to DNA: Extending the Reach of Kinematics" Naples, Italy (Invited - Keynote) 21th International Workshop on Robotics in Alpe-Adria-Danube Region (RAAD 2012), 10 - 13 September 2012: Naples, Italy, September 10, 2012
``Harmonic Analysis on Groups" Imperial College, London, Darryl Holm Group, September 9, 2012
``Total Twist in DNA" Workshop on Geometry and Topology of DNA, Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, England, September 4, 2012
``Conformational Statistics of DNA" EPFL, John Maddocks Group,, August 29, 2012
``Modeling Bent DNA" Telluride Workshop on Multiscale Modeling, Telluride Colorado, July 23, 2012
``Group Theory in Design" Tianjin University, China, July 11, 2012
``Keynote" The Second ASME/IEEE International Conference on Recon gurable Mechanisms and Robots (ReMAR 2012) July 9-11, 2012 ReMAR, Tianjin, China, July 10, 2012
``Entropy and Self-Replicating Robots" UMCP, Institute for Physical Science and Technology, invited by Chris Jarzynski., February 21, 2012
invited, ``Entropy and Self-Replicating Robots" Philosophical Society of Washington, December 16, 2011
invited, Techno-Sciences Robotics Seminar: "Stochastic Models in Robotics," UMCP, November 18, 2011
invited conference session talk ``Harmonic Analysis Meets Stochastic Geometry" SIAM Conference on Geometric and Physical Modeling, Orlando, FL, October 27, 2011
invited seminar, ``Stochastic Models in Robotics and Structural Biology'' The University of Pennsylvania, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, September 13, 2011
invited workshop presentation ``DNA Conformational Ensembles'' EPFL, Switzerland, August 28, 2011
``Structural Bioinformatics'' Georgetown University Medical Center, Biotechnology Program March 2011 (Invited), March 17, 2011
Yan, Y., Chirikjian, G.S., ``Molecular Replacement For Multi-Domain Structures Using Packing Models," Control Number: 11-A-821-BPS, Poster Session Title: Protein Conformation, Date of Presentation: 03/08/2011, Location: Hall D, Program Number: 2032-Pos, Poster Board Number: B18, 2011 Biophysical Society Meeting, Baltimore, MD, March 5-9, 2011., March 8, 2011
Park, W., Chirikjian, G.S., ``A Modified Cross Correlation Method for Reference-free Image Alignment in Single-Particle Electron Microscopy," Control Number: 11-A-946-BPS, Poster Session Title: Cryo Electron Microscopy and Reconstruction, Date of Presentation: 03/07/2011, Location: Hall D, Program Number: 1749-Pos, Poster Board Number: B659, 2011 Biophysical Society Meeting, Baltimore, MD, March 5-9, 2011., March 7, 2011
Toptygin, D., Brand, L., Chirikjian, G.S., ``Global Analysis of Time-Resolved Anisotropy from Multiple Probes in a Rigid Globular Protein," Control Number: 11-A-1823-BPS, Poster Session Title: Fluorescence Spectroscopy I, Date of Presentation: 03/06/2011, Location: Hall D, Program Number: 733-Pos, Poster Board Number: B533, 2011 Biophysical Society Meeting, Baltimore, MD, March 5-9, 2011., March 7, 2011
``Stochastic Models, Lie Groups, and Engineering ''
Max Planck Institute, Germany (Invited), November 9, 2010
``Mathematics of Biomolecular Structure and Conformation''
Johns Hopkins University, Biology Dept (Invited), October 7, 2010
Coarse-Grained Models of Proteins Telluride Science Research Center, July 5, 2010
Robotic Self-Replication Invited Seminar. Villanova University. 2008-12-00. (Invited), November 30, 2008
Stochastic Models and Lie Groups Invited Seminar. University of Maryland at College Park (Math). 2008-12-00. (Invited), November 30, 2008
Robotic Self-Replication, Self-Diagnosis and Self-Repair Keynote Lecture, DARS. Tsukuba, Japan. 2008-11-00. (Invited), October 31, 2008
Stochastic Models and Lie Groups Invited Seminar. Colorado State University (Electrical Engineering). 2008-10-00. (Invited), September 30, 2008
Kinematic Models of Stochastic Needles and Deformable Environments MICCAI Workshop on Needle Steering. New York City. 2008-09-00. (Invited), August 31, 2008
Stochastic Models and Lie Groups Invited Seminar. New Jersey Inst. of Technology (Mathematical Sciences). 2008-09-00. (Invited), August 31, 2008
Con gurational Entropy and Self-Replicating Robots Invited Seminar. Arizona State University (Physics). 2008-04-00. (Invited), March 31, 2008
Conformational Statistics of DNA Invited Seminar. Rutgers University (Biochemistry). 2008-04-00. (Invited), March 31, 2008
Electrostatics and Entropy Biophysical Evening Series. JHU (Remsen Hall). 2008-04-00. (Invited), March 31, 2008
From Snakelike Robots to DNA Mechanics Keynote Lecture, Conference on Mechanics of Slender Structures (MoSS). UMBC. 2008-04-00. (Invited), March 31, 2008
Applications of Euclidean-Group Representation Theory Invited Seminar. UMBC Math Dept. 2008-03-00. (Invited), February 29, 2008
Conformational Transitions in Proteins Invited Seminar. University of Wisconsin, Madison (Biochem). 2008-02-00. (Invited), January 31, 2008
Statistical Mechanics of DNA Invited Seminar. University of Wisconsin, Madison (Math). 2008-02-00. (Invited), January 31, 2008
Mathematical models of folded and unfolded protein ensembles Invited Seminar. (IMA) . University of Minnesota. 2008-01-00. (Invited), December 31, 2007
Noncommutative Harmonic Analysis in Engineering Invited Seminar. NTNU, Trondheim, Norway, (Dept of Cybernetics). 2008-01-00. (Invited), December 31, 2007
Kinematics of Biomolecular Machines Indo-US Workshop on Protein Conformation and Spatial Kinematics. IISc, Bangalore, India. 2007-12-07. (Invited), December 7, 2007
Self-Replicating Robots: What We Have Learned From Physical Prototypes Dept. Seminar, MAE Dept. University of Florida. 2007-11-13. (Invited), November 13, 2007
DNA Statistical Mechanics Institute for Applied Mathematics (IMA) . University of Minnesota. 2007-09-15. (Invited), September 15, 2007
Coarse-Grained Models of Protein Motions Workshop on Multiscale Protein Modeling . Imperial College, London. 2007-09-12. (Invited), September 12, 2007
Harmonic Analysis, Computational Biology, and Self-Replicating Robots Invited Seminar. UPenn, GRASP Lab. 2007-01-19. (Invited), January 19, 2007
Enhanced elastic network model for tRNA folding Biophysical Society Mtg Poster. Baltimore Convention Center. 2007-01-15., January 15, 2007
Self-Replicating Robots Seminar. Texas A+M University, Aerospace Eng. Dept. 2006-10-03., October 3, 2006
Self-Replicating Robots Invited Seminar. Vanderilt University, ME Dept. 2006-10-01. (Invited), October 1, 2006
Self-Replicating Robots Robosphere Workshop. NASA Ames. 2004-11-08., November 8, 2004
Engineering Applications of Noncommutative Harmonic Analysis Math Sci / CS Seminar. RPI. 2003-10-00., September 30, 2003
Invited Lecture: Max-Planck Inst fur Informatik Workshop on Geometric Computing. Saarbrucken, Germany. 2003-09-25. (Invited), September 25, 2003
Invited Lecture Workshop on Topology and Geometry. ETH Zurich. 2003-06-24. (Invited), June 24, 2003
Invited Seminar . Villanova University. 2003-02-21. (Invited), February 21, 2003
Invited Seminar . Yale University. 2003-02-19. (Invited), February 19, 2003
poster ``Group-Theoretic Methods in Protein Structure Determination'' Mathematical Biology PI's mtg, UMCP, April 2010, December 31, 1969


2011: Attended numerous job talks, lunches, dinners for 3 searches during 2011
2011: Advisor to all MSEM in ME students
2011: advising MSE ME Robotics students
2011: Member, ME Newsletter
2011 - 2012: Chairing ME Robotics Search
2011 - 2011: Member, ME Grad Admissions Committee
2011 - 2011: Advising EM undergrad students
2011 - 2011: Chair of an ad hoc promotion committee
2011 - 2011: Chair of UG recruiting (responsible for organization and presentation at open houses, and ad hoc visits by individual students and their parents)
: Chair of two ad hoc promotion committees
: Member, ME Graduate Recruiting Committee
: Chair of ME undergraduate recruiting
: Member, ME Newsletter Committee