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Jerry L. Prince

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Secondary Appointment: Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Computer Science, Radiology and Radiological Sciences, Biomedical Engineering (primary)

Clark 201B (office)
410-516-5192 (office) (primary)

Staff Contact:
Laura Granite
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Ph.D. 1988, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
E.E. 1986, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
S.M. 1982, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
B.S. 1979, University of Connecticut


2001-2004: Associate Director for Research, Computer Integrated Surgical Systems and Technology, Engineering Research Center
1994-1998: Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University
1989-1994: Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University
1988-1988: Member of Technical Staff, The Analytic Sciences Corporation (TASC)
1985-1988: Research Assistant, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1983-1985: Teaching Assistant, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1984-1984: Member of Technical Staff, M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory
1982-1983: Biomedical Engineer, Brigham and Women's Hospital
1979-1982: Research Assistant, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2001-0: William B. Kouwenhoven Professor
1998-0: Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University
0: Joint Appointment in the Department of Radiology and Radiological Science Joint Appointment in the Department of Biomedical Engineering The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
0: Secondary Appointment in Applied Mathematics and Statistics Secondary Appointment in Computer Science The Johns Hopkins University
0: William B. Kouwenhoven Professor Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering The Johns Hopkins University

Research Areas

use of deformable contours and surfaces for locating and mapping the human brain from magnetic resonance images
statistical and multidimensional signal processing
Image processing and computer vision with application to medical imaging; particularly, 1) heart motion estimation using tagged magnetic resonance imaging, 2) locating, representing, and measuring properties of the human brain cortex from magnetic resonance images, and 3) computed tomography methods for cone beam geometries and vector fields.
image processing and computer vision with application to medical imaging
development of new computed tomography methods for reconstructing three-dimensional vector fields
Magnetic resonance imaging of cardiac motion

Journal Articles

Uneri, A., Nithiananthan, S., Schafer, S., Otake, Y., Stayman, J.W., Kleinszig, G., Sussman, M.S., Prince, J.L., Siewerdsen, J.H. (2013). Deformable registration of the inflated and deflated lung in cone-beam CT-guided thoracic surgery: initial investigation of a combined model- and image-driven approach. Med Phys. 40(1). 017501.
Young, A., Prince, J., Yarmush, M. (2013). Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance: Deeper Insights Through Bioengineering. Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering, Vol 15. 15. 433-461.
DOI » View record in Web of Science SM
Zhou, X., Woo, J., Stone, M., Prince, J., Espy-wilson, C. (2013). Improved vocal tract reconstruction and modeling using an image super-resolution technique. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. 133(6).
DOI » View record in Web of Science SM
Yang, Z., Bogovic, J., Carass, A., Ye, M., Searson, P., Prince, J., Ourselin, S., Haynor, D. (2013). Automatic Cell Segmentation in Fluorescence Images of Confluent Cell Mono layers Using Multi-object Geometric Deformable Model. Medical Imaging 2013: Image Processing. 8669.
DOI » View record in Web of Science SM
Ye, C., Bogovic, J.A., Ying, S.H., Prince, J.L. (2013). Parcellation of the Thalamus Using Diffusion Tensor Images and a Multi-object Geometric Deformable Model. Proc SPIE. 8669.

Conference Proceedings

Yang, Z., Bogovic, J.A., Ye, C., Carass, A., Ying, S., Prince, J.L. "Automated cerebellar lobule segmentation using graph cuts", MICCAI Challenge Workshop on Segmentation: Algorithms, Theory, and Applications (SATA'13), 2013.
Bogovic, J.A., Bazin, P., Ying, S.H., Prince, J.L. "Automated segmentation of the cerebellar lobules using boundary specific classification and evolution", Information Processing in Medical Imaging, 2013, pp.62-73.
Sone, M., Woo, J., Ding, C., Gallagher, C., Chen, H., Prince J.l., . "Comparison of normal and glossectomy projections of /s/", First Parametric Human Analysis Conference, 29-28, 2013.
Zhen, Y., Carass, A., Prince, J.L. "Covariance shrinking in active shape models with application to gyral labeling of the cerebral cortex", Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), 2013 IEEE 10th International Symposium on, 11-7, 2013, pp.1018-1021.
DOI » 10.1109/isbi.2013.6556650
Min, C., Lang, A., Sotirchos, E., Ying, H.S., Calabresi, P.A., Prince, J.L., Carass, A. "Deformable registration of macular oct using a-mode scan similarity", Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), 2013 IEEE 10th International Symposium on, 11-7, 2013, pp.476-479.
DOI » 10.1109/isbi.2013.6556515

Awards & Honors

2011: Fellow of the MICCAI Society
2004: IEEE Fellow with the following citation: for contributions to signal and image processing for medical imaging
Member, Tau Beta Pi
Member, Phi Kappa Phi
2012 - 2012: Enduring Impact Award, MICCAI Society
2010 - 2010: Outstanding Reviewer Award, IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
2006 - 2006: Second Place Best Basic Abstract, Ninth Annual SCMR Scientific Sessions, Miami: K. Z. Abd-Elmoniem, M. Stuber, J. L. Prince, “True Myocardial Planar Strain: Resolving Through-plane Rotation Ambiguity in Tagged MRI Using zHARP”
2001 - 2001: Certificate of Merit for Osman, N.F., J.L. Prince, E.A. Zerhouni, J. Garot, J.A. Lima, and D.A. Bluemke. "Cardiac MR: Methods and applications for quantitative analysis using harmonic phase imaging". Ann Meet of the Amer Roentgen Ray Soc (2001)
1993 - 1998: Presidential Faculty Fellow, National Science Foundation
1997 - 1997: Maryland's Outstanding Young Engineer
1986 - 1988: U.S. Army Research Office Fellowship Award
1985 - 1986: Schlumberger-Doll Fellowship Award
1978: Award for Academic Excellence, Perkin Elmer Corporation
: Member, Eta Kappa Nu


"24 Years of Tagged Magnetic Resonance Imaging at Johns Hopkins," The William B. Kouwenhoven Memorial Lecture, Introduced by Russell H. Taylor. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Johns Hopkins University. 11 October 2012, Invited by Jin Kang., October 11, 2012
"Multi-object segmentation for anatomical parcellation of brain anatomies," Biomedical Image Analysis Summer School: Modalities, Methodologies, and Clinical Research, Ecole Centrale de Paris and Ecole des Ponts-ParisTech, 9 July 2012. Invited by Nikos Paragios, July 9, 2012
"Image Analysis Methods in the Java Image Science Toolkit", Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Nuclear Medicine Division of Radiology, 18 October 2011. Invited by Arman Rahmim., October 18, 2011
“Atlas-based approach to MR intensity normalization, contrast synthesis, and inhomogeneity correction,” CSAIL Colloquium, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 7 October 2010. Invited by Polina Golland., October 7, 2010
“Image Segmentation of Multiple Objects with Topology Control,” Biomedical Sciences Seminar, Diagnostic Radiology, Yale University, 14 September 2010. Invited by Smita Sampath., September 14, 2010

“Segmentation and Labeling in Neuroimaging,” given in three 2-hour lectures at the 2010 IEEE EMBS International Summer School on Biomedical Imaging, Berder Island, Brittany, France, 18-26 June 2010. Invited by Christian Roux and Jean-Louis Coatrieux., June 19, 2010

“Developments in Cardiac Motion and Strain Analysis Using MR Tagging,” Keynote speaker at University of Pennsylvania Radiology Retreat, 13 May 2010. Invited by Christos Davatzikos., May 13, 2010

“Image Segmentation of Multiple Objects and Their Compartments,” Space Telescope Presentation, Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, MD, 2 March 2010. Invited by Alberto Conti., March 2, 2010
“High Resolution Cardiac Strain in a Signel Breath-hold Using TruHARP,” WUSAIR Speaker, Mechanical Engineering, Washington University, 22 January 2010. Invited by Philip Bayly., January 22, 2010
“Automatic Labeling in Diffusion Weighted Imaging,” Biomedical MR Lab Seminar, Radiology, Washington University, 21 January 2010. Invited by Joe Ackerman., January 21, 2010
"Atlas and Discrete Tomography Based 3D Reconstructions,” in MICCAI 2009 Tutorial on Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Intervention, 24 September 2009, Invited by Ameet K. Jain of Philips Research North America., September 24, 2009
Segmentation and Labeling of Brain Anatomy Cairo Int’l Biomedical Engineering Conference (CIBEC), Plenary Speaker. Cairo, Egypt. 2008-12-18. (Invited), December 18, 2008
Registration: DTI & HARDI 11th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Invervention (MICCAI), Tutorial Session entitled Diffusion MRI: Technology Trends and Unsolved Problems. New York City. 2008-09-06. (Invited), September 6, 2008
Deformable Models with Topological Preservation on Octree Grids SIAM Minisymposium on Segmentation and Data Mining, Part I of II. San Diego. 2008-07-10. (Invited), July 10, 2008
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Cardiac Motion Correction and Tracking International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, Annual Meeting, Tutorial Sessions. Toronto. 2008-05-03. (Invited), May 3, 2008
HARP MRI Techniques for Imaging Tongue Motion Int’l Symposium on Biomechanics, Healthcare, and Information Science (ISBHIS). Kanazawa, Japan. 2008-03-14. (Invited), March 14, 2008
Research Grant Writing CISST-ERC Student Seminar Series. Johns Hopkins University. 2008-02-22. (Invited), February 22, 2008
Imaging the Cerebellum Chesapeake Ataxia Center Annual Meeting. Rockville, MD. 2008-02-16. (Invited), February 16, 2008
Micro and Macro Structure from Diffusion Weighted MRI IPAM Institute Worshop on Image Analysis Challenges in Molecular Microsopy. UCLA. 2008-01-31. (Invited), January 31, 2008
Imaging Heart Motion Using Magnetic Resonance General Dynamics Distinguished Lecture Series. University of Michigan. 2007-01-19. (Invited), January 19, 2007
My Teaching Style CISST-ERC Student Seminar Series. Johns Hopkins University. 2006-11-17. (Invited), November 17, 2006
Topology Preservation in Cortical Reconstruction Using Implicit Surface Evolution Information Sciences and Systems (ISS) Seminar. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Princeton University. 2006-11-16. (Invited), November 16, 2006
Cortical Reconstruction and Geometry Estimation Using Implicit Surface Evolution (CRUISE) Neuroimaging Core Lecture Series. National Institute of Mental Health. 2006-04-19. (Invited), April 19, 2006
MR Tagging Technology 7:30am Resident Lecture. Department of Radiology, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore. 2006-03-08. (Invited), March 8, 2006
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Automatic segmentation editing for cortical surface reconstruction SPIE Medical Imaging, Conf. 4322. San Diego, CA. 2001-02-20., February 20, 2001


2011: Internal Advisory Committee, Center for Leadership Education, Whiting School of Engineering
2011 - 2013: Chair of ECE Faculty Search Committee
2006 - 2011: Member of the Homewood Schools Academic Council, Johns Hopkins University
2001 - 2001: Department Representative, ad hoc promotion committee, Fall 2001